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     Prices for our upcoming Labradoodle and Goldendoodle litters will be between $2400 and $2900, depending on gender, size. configuration and color/texture of coat.  Prices for our upcoming Bernedoodle litters will be between $3500 and $4500, depending on the same factors. [Prices are subject to change.]


     This price includes:

  • A family-raised, well-adjusted, socialized, veterinarian-checked and certified healthy Peanut Butter Doodles puppy of your choice.

  • FREE delivery of your puppy to you in the state of Florida.  [Limitations apply; see explanation in Frequently Asked Questions section, below.]

  • Weekly email updates, including pictures of the puppies and other information, so you will be well-prepared when you take your puppy home.

  • A Peanut Butter Doodles Facebook page so you can watch the puppies grow.

  • A Health Certificate from our veterinarian.

  • Age-appropriate vaccinations, de-wormings and vet checks.

  • A blanket that smells like your puppy's mom, to help in the transition to your home.

  • A puppy toy.

  • A seven-day supply of puppy food. 

  • Samples of puppy treats.

  • An information folder with all the information about your puppy (lineage, etc,) as well as some care and training information.

  • Lifetime support from Peanut Butter Doodles.

  • Lifetime re-homing for your puppy, if it becomes necessary.


Discounts:  We offer the following discounts:

     1.  A discount of $100 per puppy if you purchase more than one puppy from us, whether from the same litter or from different litters.

     2.  A discount of $100 on your puppy if you refer someone to us who buys one of our puppies.  This discount applies even after you purchase (we will send you a check for the discount amount).





     To reserve a puppy, you only need to complete a simple two-step process.  First,  complete and submit our Puppy Application.  Second, within three (3) days after we notify you by email that your application is approved, make the deposit referred to below.

     Reservations are assigned on a first-in/first-out basis.  This means that priority in selection of puppies is given based on when each deposit is received, so the person(s) who make(s) the earliest deposit is/are given the first selection, the next earliest the second selection, and so on. 



     A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to adopt one of our puppies.  This deposit is due within 3 days of the acceptance by us of your Puppy Application.  The entire deposit amount is applied to the total price.  [The balance of the price is due 5 days after you select your puppy.] 

     Payment of the deposit is to be made by Zelle.  Payment of the balance of the price is also to be made by Zelle.  [Your bank or credit union has most likely already set up Zelle for you to use with your account.]

     ****On the Zelle app, use as the address and Ken Buckwalter as the recipient.****