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     We expect to have three litters this Spring.  See the "Puppies Available" page for details. 


     Because doodle puppies are so much in demand, and so many of our pups are either reserved in advance or reserved so quickly once a litter arrives, we recommend that you place a deposit on a puppy in a future litter to increase the chances of getting the puppy you want.  We maintain waiting lists for all future litters.

     PLEASE NOTE:  We try our best to closely estimate breeding dates and due dates; however, there is never a guarantee as to when our moms come in season. There are also occasions where a breeding does not produce a litter at all.  Or it may result in a smaller litter than expected.  Mother Nature alone controls these circumstances.

     So please be aware there can be a bit of a wait for a puppy, especially if you have certain preferences as to color, configuration or gender. Please make sure you are fully committed to a possible extended waiting period for a puppy before sending a deposit.

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