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     Leila is an apricot/wheat-colored, medium-sized F1b Goldendoodle with the gentlest and most affectionate disposition you will find anywhere.  Like most Goldendoodles, she is exceptionally intelligent and obedient.

     She has medium curly hair and a big gumdrop nose.  The lighter colored hair on her face and snout accentuates her beautiful dark eyes. 

     Leila is full grown and weighs almost 45 pounds.  She looks bigger but that's all that wonderful "teddy bear" coat of hair. 




















     Kona is a cream-colored mini/medium-sized F1b Labradoodle with a playful and energetic disposition.  She loves to wrestle with her "sister" Leila, and now and then comes up with some surprising antics that make her quite the scamp. 

     She is also a very intelligent dog.  A bit more independent-minded than Leila, she is nevertheless very obedient and attentive.  The cute way she tilts her head when spoken to melts everyone's heart.

     Kona has tight curly hair that gives her a very fluffy appearance.   She is also full grown and weighs almost 35 pounds.









     Luna is a black/gray/white "tuxedo," micro-mini (tiny-sized) F1b Bernedoodle.   She is a friendly, very loving girl who has become best friends with Leila since she came into our home.  And despite her small size, she loves to mix it up with her "sisters" and get them to play and chase her around the house.

     Just like Leila and Kona, she is an extremely intelligent dog and learns very easily. 

     Luna is full grown, weighing 17 pounds.  Her hair is very curly and fluffy.




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