We are neither a puppy mill nor a kennel which breeds dogs.  Our puppies are hand raised in our home, with daily personal attention and love from ourselves and our daughters.

     We have a limited number of litters a year, so that we can devote lots of attention to the health of our mosms and give each of the puppies the love and attention they deserve, as well as maximize our own joy and fun in raising these beautiful dogs.

     Our puppies' moms are health-tested and have affectionate, friendly and gentle but outgoing dispositions.  They live with us as pets and are treated as members of our family.  Their puppies are raised the same way, and we hope they will continue to be in their new homes.

    Why "Peanut Butter Doodles"?  The name comes from the love that our moms Leila and Kona have for peanut butter treats.  Just say the words "peanut butter" and they are on their way.  Take a look:

     We are located in Bradenton, Florida, on the Florida Sun Coast.

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